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Are you ready for New Years Eve? Champagne and Sparkling Wine 101

12.27.2012 |

Last year, at 6 months pregnant, I had to celebrate New Years Eve with a glass of “sparkling grape juice.” HARDLY the same as a glass of “bubbly.” You better bet this year I will be toasting with a glass of champagne! Below are a few to share. You may also be wondering the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine…so I will elaborate on that too! Read More

Healthy Cooking Adventures

12.10.2012 |

Pretty much all of my life, I would pretend I didn’t know how to cook. My parents and brother would laugh and tease me, but I was the one laughing (secretly, that is). There they were slaving over hot home cooked meals, and my contribution was to compliment the chef. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I was forced to “try,” but I would purposely forget ingredients or burn things just so no one would bother trying to teach me again. Read More

Choose Your Own Adventure: Exploring Europe & the Western U.S.

12.07.2012 | 1

One of life’s greatest adventures is taking risks. Stepping outside what is normal, and comfortable. Taking a plunge into the unknown. Doing something a little crazy.

So when my work contract in Washington, D.C. approached an end in late May 2012 (I had been living and working there for 8 months)– and my husband’s job as a high school teacher in Orlando, FL was beginning to wrap up for the summer – the perfect little opportunity presented itself: Read More

A visit to the new Fantasyland at Disney World

12.07.2012 |

My family and I live in Orlando so it was pretty much mandatory we check out Disney’s new Fantasyland last weekend during the soft opening. My wonderful uncle had sent along a handful of “after 4 pm” passes for me to use before Dec. 31 so timing was perfect.

Limited on time with our “after 4 pm” passes, we didn’t have the chance to experience every detail of Fantasyland. However, I did play the part of “extremely annoying and inquisitive theme park girl” and had way too many questions for Disney cast members. (I’m sure my face is on a list somewhere.) I’ve also been getting the inside scoop from local Orlando friends. The official Grand Opening was yesterday, December 6th. Read More

A Spectrum of Color for Easter

04.03.2012 |

Okay, so I’ll admit to you all right now: I realize that my “adventures in trying” are turning into my “adventures in trying cupcake recipes.” But my taste-testers aren’t complaining, so I’ll just continue right along this road. And thanks to my shiny new, candy apple red Kitchenaid Artisan mixer – they’ll only get better from here on out.

With Easter is just around the corner, I figured my co-workers deserved a colorful treat. I didn’t test any new recipes – but instead just had a fun experiment in decorating a classic yellow cake with buttercream icing. While they may take you about an hour longer than usual to make, I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints. Read More

Orange Creamsicle Delight

04.01.2012 |

I found this recipe via Pinterest (of course!) on one of my favorite blogs, My Baking Addiction. She calls them Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. But we were all convinced this frosting tasted just like a creamsicle, hence the name change-up. If you like light, moist cakes – this is one of the best I’ve had. Enjoy! Read More